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Services to assist the purchase of your Citroën vehicle

The right direction

Choosing a Citroën means choosing well-being right from the moment you buy your vehicle.

With the CITIZEN programme, enjoy an ecosystem of services to support you throughout the purchase process – while you’re looking at the options available, when you make your choice, right through to when you take delivery of your vehicle.


I would like to see what other customers think of Citroën models

Before you purchase your vehicle, find out what other Citroën drivers think. Transperency, fresh opinions, checks... guarantees to give you confidence.


I want a customised offer and to pick a car for a test drive

Take a look at our exceptional offers across the Citroën range.


You can also book a test drive with the Citroën dealership of your choice.


I want a charge point for when I switch to electric

Go green with Citroën ëlectric vehicles and get a FREE Home Charge Point*


*Terms and conditions apply


I would like a service contract so I can drive with peace of mind

Thanks to Citroën's longer warranties and service contracts, you can ensure that your car stays reliable and safe, while continuing to perform at its best. And you can keep control of your budget and make sure there are no surprises. Let experts from the Citroën network take care of your vehicle to guarantee many more years on the road, under the very best conditions. Enjoy numerous benefits and get service contracts tailored to the way you use your car.


I would like to use MyCitroën app to make my everyday life easier

With MyCitroën, stay connected to your car and access information. Thanks to the app, you can enjoy personalised servicing tracking for your vehicle and access a whole range of Citroën services.


With your GPS, you can easily find your vehicle. You can optimise your driving thanks to consumption, cost and distance statistics about all your trips. And much more!