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Citroën automatic gearbox cars


There's no more need for the clutch pedal and changing gears using the gear stick! For a much more relaxed driving experience, vehicles from the Citroën automatic gearbox range will improve all your journeys.

Whether you want a city car, a hatchback, an MPV or SUV, the gearbox provides high-level comfort thanks to smooth and responsive gear changes. This transmission is also much more economical than a manual gearbox because it limits overconsumption by adapting ideally to each driving style.

Citroën C3

In addition to its new Airbumps®, the Citroën C3 is distinguished by a colourful personality thanks to its wide range of customisation options featuring 97 exterior combinations. Its seats, equipped with Advanced Comfort technology, provide incomparable comfort. The Citroën C3 adapts to each driving style is available with the PureTech 110 hp S&S engine.


Citroën C3 aircross suv 

An EAT6 gearbox is offered with the PureTech 130 S&S and BlueHDi 120 S&S Diesel engines.

Citroën C3 Aircross goes upmarket and asserts its character with a new expression of the front end, and offers 70 combinations of customisation.

It increases its on-board comfort experience thanks to the Advanced Comfort seats and it retains its reference modularity, roominess and brightness.


Citroën C4 & ë-C4

The C4 has innovative fittings. In addition to the comfort provided by the Progressive Hydraulic Cushion suspension and the Advanced Comfort® seats, the compact hatchback has a new automatic engraved metal gearbox with 3 positions (R, N and D) so you can easily select reverse, neutral or drive, and introduces a steering wheel with integrated paddle shift levers. With its three drivetrains, you can choose petrol, diesel or silent 100% electric driving with the ë-C4 electric model. 

New Citroën C5 aircross & hybrid

The Citroën C5 Aircross is a new generation SUV thanks to its 20 driver assistance technologies and its 6 connectivity technologies. It adapts to your daily life by offering three types of engine: PureTech Petrol, BlueHDi Diesel and a plug-in hybrid version. The SUV is also equipped with the EAT8 (Efficient Automatic Transmission) automatic gearbox. With its 8 speeds and its Shift and Park by wire control, it offers even more enjoyable driving as well as fuel consumption reduced.

Citroën ë-Berlingo 

Comfortable and modular, the Citroën ë-Berlingo has many benefits: a large interior space, exceptional modularity with 3 individual folding back seats and multiple storage spaces with Modutop® multifunction roof storage. On the roads, the vehicle offers first-rate engine performance while being environmentally friendly. The Citroën Berlingo also introduces an EAT8 8-speed automatic gearbox for optimal driving comfort.

Citroën ë-Spacetourer

The highly modular Citroën SpaceTourer can accommodate up to 8 people, and is available in 2 different lengths. Thanks to Quickshift technology, the Citroën SpaceTourer provides smooth and rapid gear changes offering a high level of driving pleasure on every road. Its EAT8 automatic gearbox gives you fuel consumption and CO2 emissions that are among the lowest in the category.


What are the differences between an automatic and a manual gearbox?

From the driver's point of view, the main difference is the absence of the clutch pedal in cars with automatic gearboxes. As there is no gear change, once the car starts, the car does the rest.

How does an automatic gearbox work?

As the name implies, an automatic gearbox allows automatic gear shifting either by a hydraulic torque converter or with a robotised dual-clutch gearbox; as opposed to a manual gearbox which requires a clutch. it is therefore the transmission mode that differentiates them. the lever of an automatic car has fewer positions than a conventional gear lever.

the vehicles in the Citroën range are equipped with the eat6 gearbox (6 speeds) or the new bva eat8 (8-speed gearbox). the latter not only improves driving fluidity when shifting gears, but also allows for significant fuel savings. 

From the driver's point of view, the main difference is the absence of the clutch pedal in cars with automatic gearboxes. As there is no gear change, once the car starts, the car does the rest.

Why choose an automatic car? 

Increased driving comfort

An automatic gearbox increases driving comfort on the road, especially in built-up areas. Indeed, traffic jams, red lights and other road signs force you to change gear and downshift regularly. With an automatic gearbox, there are no more unpleasant jerks for the driver and passengers.