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Request for a Citroën Certificate of Conformity (COC)


STELLANTIS Group, Citroën's parent company, provides you with a single site where you can obtain the necessary documents (or duplicates) for the registration or re-registration of your vehicle.

This clear and accessible site is intended for people in the situations described below. This includes in particular the import or export of a vehicle, or authorisation to modify one.


Whether you are an individual or a company, you can obtain a certificate of conformity in the following cases: 

  • You have purchased a vehicle registered in one European country and you wish to register it in another European country. 
  • You have bought a used vehicle registered in France and you wish to register it in another European country. 
  • You have bought a used vehicle registered in a European country (except France) and you wish to register it in France. 
  • You have lost your certificate of conformity (COC) or had it stolen and you would like a copy of this document.


You have a vehicle registered in Ireland that you wish to export outside the European Union (EU) or to a French Overseas Territory (TOM).

You must obtain a  Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin. Please note that this document does not allow the vehicle to be registered at the prefecture.

You have a vehicle registered in Ireland that you wish to modify or which has been converted or fitted out at a body shop.

When contacting relevant authorities for single vehicle approval, you may be asked for written authorisation from Citroën for modifying the vehicle and a copy of the certificate of conformity or  the document  of the base vehicle (excluding modifications). Citroën reserves the right to decide whether or not to issue the modification authorisation. It is therefore advisable to submit your modification plans to Citroën before carrying them out. Please note, these documents do not allow the vehicle to be registered at the prefecture, but rather to obtain single vehicle approval.

You want to modify a car that is a derived CDV (Car Derived Van) registered in Ireland into a private vehicle.

A CDV is a vehicle derived from a private vehicle for commercial use. This means that it is a normal vehicle, like a C3, that has been modified. Often the rear seats have been removed so only the two front seats remain. 

An error has been noted on your vehicle's registration certificate (error noted by the prefecture, the person performing the NCT, the police, your dealer, or you).

You want a  certificate of conformity (COC) and/or a certificate  so you can get your vehicle registration certificate corrected at the prefecture.

An error has been found on the stamped serial number or the manufacturer's plate of your vehicle registered in Ireland.

Please contact owner services at a member of the Citroën network in order to identify the error.

You own a vehicle over 30 years old registered in France and you need a certificate to obtain a vehicle registration certificate bearing the words "vintage vehicle".

Please contact Citroën Heritage at the following address:

Citroën Heritage Conservatoire Boulevard André Citroën,

93601 Aulnay Sous-Bois,


You wish to register a vehicle in France that comes from another continent that does not have EU type approval or which has been modified abroad.

You will first need to obtain single vehicle approval before obtaining your vehicle registration certificate. You will need a partial certificate of conformity and a copy of the "notice descriptive" or a certificate of conformity (COC).

You wish to register an unregistered (new) vehicle in Ireland that comes from abroad and you do not have a certificate of conformity (COC).

You need a new vehicle import certificate.