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Refrigerated vans

The refrigeration range can be specified on all Berlingo, Dispatch and New Relay panel vans*. Conversions are available as Chiller vans, Freezer vans or both, all of which can be tailored to suit your bespoke needs.

Using their lightweight high performance insulation panels, the Coach Builder’ conversions ensure that payloads are maximised across the range without compromising refrigeration performance.

Key Base Models:

Berlingo (Chiller or Freezer vans)
Dispatch Van (Chiller or Freezer vans)
Relay Van (Chiller or Freezer vans)
Relay L3 HDi 130 chassis (Chiller or Freezer Box Body)

Key Features - Chiller Vans

  • Lined and insulated with insulation up to 80 mm thick
  • Grey vinyl bulkhead to cab side
  • Seam free GRP lining in white
  • In cab digital control
  • Smooth finished floor - floor and skirt finished in grey
  • LED Interior light
  • Side and rear doors insulated and lined with white GRP sheeting.

*Excluding Berlingo and Dispatch models with air-conditioning

Citroën Motors Ireland Ltd does not accept any liability whatsoever and howsoever incurred in respect of works carried out by such independent Companies, and customers must assure themselves of suitability, quality and legal conformity of such conversion works.

Visual not representative. Example only.

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