Citroën has been making cars widely available for 100 years, and the story is far from over!

Since 1919, Citroën has been a key player in delivering the automobile to the general public. Today, the brand is pursuing this path in the era of electric mobility by making it accessible to all.

Your mobility needs are changing and green mobility is becoming more and more important to you, so Citroën had to turn on the lights! The century-old brand is now offering a choice of energy with, depending on the model, 100% electric or rechargeable hybrid engines, inspired by YOU, by the way you live your daily car life.

What is your electric profile?


You wish to drive in 100% electric during the week and be able to escape at the weekend in complete serenity. You can easily recharge your vehicle at home, at the office or on the public highway to enjoy 100% electric mode on a daily basis.


You are in an eco-responsible approach, you want to experience a new 100% electric driving experience, silent, serene and dynamic, discover our range of 100% electric vehicles.

The choice is yours!


In the professional context, you are looking for a concrete solution to the new mobility issues in regulated urban environments, but also in peri-urban and rural areas, which does not sacrifice the specificities of your activities. 


Our 7 Electric Commitments



  • 8 year or 160.000 km warranty for the traction battery
  • Citroën Assistance : Driving with complete peace of mind 24/7,
  • Ë-Expert center : Our experts will take care of your vehicle and will answer any questions you may have,
  • Mobility solution offered in all cases,
  • Continuous software updates to deliver the best driving experience,
  • Online quotation and appointment : reserve your appointment and calculate your after-sales services,
  • Your car is cleaned on each visit.