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Electric for all


Electric driving for everyone inspired by you all


And it's far from over!

Since 1919, Citroën has been a key player in the democratisation of the automobile for the general public. Today, the brand is pursuing this path in the era of electric mobility by making it accessible to all.

Your mobility needs are changing and green mobility is becoming more and more important to you, so Citroën had to turn on the lights! The century-old brand is now offering a choice of energy with, depending on the model, 100% electric or hybrid engines, inspired by YOU, by the way you live your daily car life.


Plug-in hybrid

Do you take short journeys during the week but want to get away from it all at the weekend? The plug-in hybrid was made for you. The C5 Aircross SUV allows you to travel up to 50 KM in 100% electric mode, but also to switch to the combustion engine for long journeys.

100% electric

Do you mainly make short everyday trips and have easy access to an electric vehicle charging solution on your route? Do you want to save money and be environmentally responsible? Opt for a 100% electric vehicle!


Citroën shows you everything you need to know about the range of electric or hybrid cars.


How do you charge your electric or hybrid vehicle?

To find out all about daily charging, discover the charging solutions available.




Is the maintenance of an electric vehicle more or less expensive than that of a combustion engine vehicle?

The cost of using an electric vehicle (excluding energy) is about 30% less than a combustion vehicle (including periodic maintenance and wear parts).

For electric vehicles, maintenance is simplified: no oil changes, no replacement of oil filters, clutch, etc.

Workshop visits are less frequent: once every 2 years or 25,000 km after the first year's service.

Is the insurance of an electric vehicle more or less expensive than that of a combustion vehicle?

The insurance of an electric vehicle can be up to 10% cheaper than that of an equivalent combustion engine vehicle.

How much does it cost to install a charging point at home? Is there any assistance available?

When installing a wall box at home you can avail of a €300 SEAI grant, making it more affordable to charge at home.

Are there grants available when buying an electric vehicle?

When buying a 100% electric vehicle in Ireland you can avail of a €3,500 government grant to assist you in the purchase of your electric vehicle.

Citroën commercial customers can avail of a €3,800 SEAI grant when purchasing a Citroën 100% electric commercial vehicle.

For more information on grants, see the SEAI website.


How far can I drive my electric vehicle?

The question of range in everyday life, whether for short or long journeys, arises when choosing an electric vehicle. 


Citroën offers you a wide range of solutions to meet your needs.


The range of our vehicles is given according to the WLTP protocol (Worldwide harmonised Light vehicles Test Procedures) which gives users a more precise and realistic view of the range values according to the actual use of the vehicle. 


In the WLTP cycle:

Up to 55 km: C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid and up to 650 km in engine mode

Up to 75 km: Citroën AMI electric                 

Up to 275 km : Citroën ë-Berlingo and ë-Berlingo Van electric

Up to 330 km : Citroën ë-SpaceTourer electric

                                Citroën ë-Dispatch electric

Up to 357 km : Citroën ë-C4 electric

For more details on the range of a particular vehicle, explore the dedicated vehicle pages. Vehicle data sheets are also available for download.

You should also be aware that the actual range of your vehicle also depends on several factors:

● Speed,

● The use of heating, air conditioning,

● Your driving style,

● The load carried.

What are the factors that most effect the range of an electric vehicle?

There are 5 main factors that impact the autonomy of an electric vehicle:

● Speed: The faster you drive, the more electricity you consume. At 130km/h the range is divided by 2. Superchargers are available on the motorway network. The time for a coffee break, a lunch and you can recover up to 80% of autonomy in about 30min.

● The Temperature: 

         ø Air conditioning/Heating: There is a loss of range of 10 to 30% depending on the model.

It is recommended to program the heating or air conditioning before driving, as long as it is plugged in. Thermal preconditioning is possible from your smartphone via the My Citroën application.

        ø Cold: Loss of range of approximately 5% when outside temperatures are below 0°C.

● Driving Style: A loss of range of around 10% was observed with sporty driving.

● The load carried: The more your vehicle is loaded (luggage, cargo) the less range it will have.

● Wear and tear: Loss of around 10% to 15% after 5 years of use or 75,000 km. At Citroën, the battery is guaranteed for 8 years or 160,000 km at the first expiry date and is guaranteed for a charge of 70% of its capacity.

Can you recover energy while driving?

For electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, a Brake mode is available:


● It allows energy to be recovered during deceleration phases,


● Brake mode, combined with smooth driving, can optimise the range by 20% in town.

How can I check the range of my vehicle?

In an electric vehicle, in the same way as in a conventional internal combustion engine, the electric range is verified as follows:


For a 100% electric vehicle:


● The range is displayed next to the speedometer,


● The range is calculated in real time, taking into account the various factors that may affect it.


For a rechargeable hybrid vehicle:


● The speedometer displays the electric range and the remaining thermal range on the same screen,


● A blue light on the rear-view mirror tells you when you are in electric mode.


You can also check the range and charge status of your vehicle remotely at any time using the My Citroën application.


How and where can I recharge my vehicle?

Whether at home, at the office, on outings near your home or on longer trips, there are many recharging solutions. 

At home, this is the most commonly used recharging solution: with this recharging solution, take advantage of the night to recover all your range. Whether you use a plug or a wall box, you can choose the one that best suits your needs, depending on the number of kilometres you drive each day and your ability to recharge outside the car. 

At the office: for individuals, ask your company about the possibilities of recharging in your workplace car park.

For professionals, let our partners help you diagnose and install charging stations according to the size of your electric fleet, your range needs, etc.

It is also becoming increasingly easy to find recharging solutions on the street: in town when you go out, in shopping centre or supermarket car parks, etc. 

And on the motorway network, you can benefit from fast charging stations that allow you to recover a lot of range very quickly.

How can I locate a charging point?

When you are on the move, it is very easy to locate a public charging point on your mobile phone. There are multiple applications available to use in locating your nearest charge point.

How long does it take to charge my vehicle?

The charging time depends on several factors such as the power of the battery, but especially the type of installation chosen. 


Several types of charging stations, domestic or public, exist with different power levels. To find out all about the different charging solutions available and the charging time, please visit the dedicated page.


For each vehicle, you have a charging time simulator available on the dedicated vehicle pages. Use it to help you choose the solution that best suits your needs. 


Some examples:


C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid: 100% charge (55km) in 2h on a 7.4 kW Wall Box.


AMI electric: 100% charge in 3 hours on a standard three pin socket


ë-C4 electric: 80% charge in 30 minutes on a supercharger*.


ë-SpaceTourer electric: 80% charge in 30 minutes on a supercharger*.


ë-Berlingo Van electric: 80% recharge in 30 minutes on a supercharger*.


ë-Dispatch electric: 80% recharge in 30 minutes on a supercharger*.


* Charging time on a 100 kW terminal

Is there a charging standard?

Citroën's electric and hybrid vehicles are compatible with the European standard and therefore compatible with all charging stations in Europe.

Can I charge my electric vehicle at a conventional socket?

This can be done by the three pin 'granny plug' which, dependent on your vehicle, may be standard or optional.

Citroën Ireland advises use of this charging method only in emergencies and not for regular use.

Is it possible to charge an electric vehicle in a public car park?

If the car park is equipped with charging points, payment will be made according to the tariff conditions set by the car park manager.

Can I program the charging of my electric vehicle?

You can initiate a charge, program deferred charging and precondition the cabin, all from the comfort of your sofa using the My Citroën application.

How do I create my MyCitroën account?

To create your My Citroën account, nothing could be simpler. First of all, download the application from the App store or Play store depending on your equipment.


To register easily, take your vehicle registration document with you. To link your vehicle to the app and take advantage of all the features, you will need to enter the VIN number and current mileage of your vehicle.


You can find the VIN number, consisting of 17 alpha-numeric characters, at the E reference of your registration certificate. Then easily find your mileage on the odometer.


Once you've entered all this information, you can take advantage of your Citroën's entire digital ecosystem and all the connected services at your fingertips.

How to maintain your electric vehicle?

The maintenance of an electric vehicle is very simplified, which is a real advantage:


● Less frequent maintenance than on a combustion vehicle,


● No oil change, oil filter replacement, clutch replacement or exhaust control,


● Less frequent workshop visits: approximately every 2 years or 25,000 km,


● A systematic diagnosis is carried out by the Citroën approved network at each vehicle service.

What is the warranty period for the battery?

Whether it is an electric vehicle (excluding AMI) or a plug-in hybrid, Citroën guarantees the traction battery for 8 years or 160,000 km on the first day, with a minimum charge of 70% of its capacity.


On AMI the warranty is 3 years or 40,000 km. 


The starter battery (12 Volt) is part of the traditional vehicle warranty.

How does the battery check work?

The battery is diagnosed at each workshop visit.


For an electric vehicle, the customer can request a "battery capacity certificate" at each vehicle service if he has a service contract that includes maintenance.

Can I test my battery? How do I know if it is in good condition?

You cannot test the battery yourself. You need a diagnostic tool that will read the fault codes and allow them to be analysed.


A systematic diagnosis is carried out by the Citroën authorised network at each vehicle service.


For an electric vehicle, the customer can request a "battery capacity certificate" at each vehicle overhaul if they have a service contract that includes maintenance.

Is my electric or hybrid vehicle subject to roadworthiness testing?

Yes, the vehicle will be subject to a technical inspection in the 4th year for a new vehicle, and then every 2 years, similar to petrol and diesel vehicles.

What happens to batteries at the end of their life?

The STELLANTIS group has set up a collection and recycling process for electric and hybrid vehicle batteries in all its sales outlets in Europe, in partnership with recognised European recyclers.


The European Directive requires a recycling efficiency of at least 50% (based on the mass of the battery).


STELLANTIS, through its partner recyclers, ensures a recycling efficiency of at least 70%.