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Maintain your Citroën thanks to CITIZEN services

Destination zen

With CITIZEN, you can remain zen once you've purchased your vehicle. This programme of services has been designed to make every moment you spend with your Citroën more straightforward.
The CITIZEN Programme is a whole ecosystem of services to support you throughout the purchase process – while you’re looking at the options available, when you make your choice, right through to when you take delivery of your vehicle.


My connected vehicle

With the MyCitroën smartphone app, available for iOS and Android, enjoy numerous services to make the whole experience of servicing your Citroën as pleasant as possible. It will let you know when your Citroën is due for service. You can then find your favourite workshop – all from the comfort of your own home. 


My scheduled journey

With MYCITROËN DRIVE, you can schedule your trips based on your needs. It can give you traffic updates in real time, let you know if there are any speed cameras on your route, give you info on fuel prices and charging station locations… and guide you to available parking spaces at your destination.

Ever dreamed of having a co-pilot? You've got one!


Broken down?

Use Citroën Assistance if your vehicle is immobilised after a breakdown or accident. We'll look after you and get your vehicle repaired so you can continue with your journey – even for breakdowns on your doorstep.

All Citroën vehicles come with 3 years roadside assistance – provided you get your car serviced on our network. 



Search for the best rated workshop or dealership
With Citroën Advisor, you can find out what our other customers think about the quality of services available at our workshops. You can choose your workshop completely transparently and then say what you think about your Citroën customer experience.


My service repair and warnings explained by Citroën

Telemaintenance ensures that your car stays running smoothly and warns you when it emits a safety or maintenance warning.

If your service date is coming up or if a warning light appears on your dashboard, you are notified and immediately given the option to book an appointment at your preferred workshop.


My 100% digital service logbook

Take advantage of Maintenance e-book, the first 100% digital service logbook, developed for you by Citroën. Access the entire history of your maintenance operations, all of the work done on your vehicle and work needing to be carried out. Your Maintenance e-book is exclusively available in the personal area of your MyCitroën app.


My GPS map update

Your navigation system needs up-to-date maps for optimum operation. That's why Citroën regularly updates your car's maps.