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Products from Citroën


For fans of the brand, discerning collectors and lovers of new trends, Citroën wants you to live your life as you wish. Enjoy a wide selection of Citroën products that are as useful as they are decorative. Expand your collection of miniatures, indulge yourself with exclusive clothing, and take advantage of Citroën innovation to do away with motion sickness.


Selling clothing, technology, miniatures, office accessories, toys and even kitchen utensils, the Citroën Lifestyle store is aimed at all generations, offering a wide variety of original products with exciting designs bearing the emblematic chevrons. Discover the rich heritage of the brand through miniature vehicles, mugs, watches and speakers. There is something for all tastes, for both adults and children!


Did you know that one in three people suffer from motion sickness? To help them, Citroën has developed the Seetroën glasses.

They are a pair of glasses equipped with 4 rings holding a coloured liquid. Why a liquid? As motion sickness is linked to a difference in perception between sight and the sense of balance, the liquid moves to simulate an artificial horizon, resynchronising sight and the inner ear in less than 10 minutes. It is effective in 95% of cases. Now you can actually enjoy getting on the road.