Citroën Technology

At Citroën, we design technology with people in mind. Our aim is always to add value, making driving a Citroën as safe, pleasurable and sustainable as possible.

Multimedia and Connected Services

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Scan MyCitroën

Digital Handbook: Scan your CITROËN and access the information you are looking for directly!

Connected Cam

Connected CAM

Welcome to the Citroën ConnectedCAM®, a connected camera developed by Citroën to enhance your driving experience, freedom of mind and, naturally, your safety!

Comfort - 7

7 inch Touch Drive interface

100% digital, 100% touch-sensitive and 100% intuitive.

Comfort - 12

12 inch Panoramic HD Display

Find out how Citroën's 12" HD Panoramic Display helps to keep you comfortable on the road.



Citroën's eMyWay system helps to keep you comfortable on the road.



Citroën offers a wide range of Bluetooth-compatible products, and compatibility lists are available to help you choose the mobile phone most suited to your equipment.


Sécurité - Contrôle de Traction Intelligent

Intelligent Traction Control

Intelligent Traction Control helps you keep control of your car when driving in difficult conditions, such as snow.

Safety - Head-up display

Head-Up display

Citroën's Head-up display allows the driver to have all essential driver information displayed in their field of vision.

Safety - Lane departure warning system

Lane Departure Warning System

Increased safety by combating drowsiness at the wheel.

Safety - Xenon dual-function directional headlamps

Xenon Dual-Function Directional Headlights

Increase visibility when driving round corners at night.

Safety - Automatic headlights

Automatic headlights

The automatic headlights come on automatically.

Safety - Automatic headlights

Intelligent Beam Headlights

Find out how Intelligent Beam Headlights keep you safe when driving at night.

Safety - Tyre pressure monitor

Tyre pressure monitor

Citroën's tyre pressure monitor continuously monitors all four tyres and informs the driver if the pressure of any of them is too low.

Safety - Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)


ESP is a system which helps you keep control of your vehicle when driving in difficult conditions.

Safety - Active cruise control

Active Cruise Control

Find out more about Active Cruise Control and how it can help to keep you safe.

Safety - Citroën eTouch

Citroën eTouch

Citroën eTouch Emergency & Assistance System makes getting help in an emergency much easier.

Citroën technology - Safety - Active safety belts

Active Seatbelts

Find out more about Active Seatbelts and how they can help to keep you safe.

Safety - EMP2 modular platform

EMP2 Platform

Find out more about the new EMP2 platform and how it can help to keep you safe on the road.



Progressive Hydraulic Cushions

Comfort - Pneumatic suspension

Pneumatic suspension

The pneumatic suspension on the back axle gives you a smoother ride by filtering out any bumps in the road surface.

Hydractive III+ Suspension

Hydractive III+ Suspension

Find out how Citroën's Hydractive III+ Suspension keeps you comfortable on the road.


Panoramic Windscreen

Citroën's panoramic windscreen helps to make your drive more comfortable and provides exceptional visibility from all angles.

Comfort - Laminated windows

Laminated windows

The laminated windows are made up of two glass sheets separated by a plastic insert that provides outstanding soundproofing.

Scented air freshener

Scented air freshener

The scented air freshener provides a relaxed onboard ambience, suited to your personal preference.

Comfort - Relax front passenger seat

Front passenger Relax seat

Front passenger Relax seat helps to keep your passenger comfortable on the road.


Mirror Screen

Mirror Screen makes it possible to connect compatible applications and content from your smartphone onto the touch screen of your vehicle. It's convenient, easy and safe to use.

Driving assistance

Driving aids - ETG6 clutchless gearbox

ETG6 gearbox

Find out more about Citroën's ETG6 Gearbox.

Driving aids - Parking space 'gap' measurement

Parking space 'gap' measurement system

Find out more about Citroën's Parking Space 'Gap' Measurement system.

Driving aids - Hill start assist

Hill Start Assist

Find out more about Citroën's Hill Start Assist system.

Driving aids - Blind spot monitoring

Blind spot monitoring system

Find out more about Citroën's Blind Spot Monitoring System.

Driving aids - Park assist

Park Assist

Find out more about Citroën's Park Assist System.

Keyless entry and start

Keyless entry and start

Find out more about Citroën's Keyless Entry and Start System.

Driving aids - 360° vision

Park Assist 360

Find out more about Citroën's Park Assist 360 system.

Reversing Camera

Reversing Camera

Find out more about Citroën's Reversing Cameras.

Eco driving



To give better information to its clients, PSA Group proposes having access to an independent and certified measure of the real-world fuel consumption. That process called WLTP test (World Light duty vehicle Test Procedure) is more relevant because it uses real road conditions.


EAT6 and EAT8 Automatic Gearboxes

EAT 6 and EAT8 are new generation automatic gearboxes.