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Sustainable Development


Thinking about environmental issues from vehicle design to recycling

At every step of the vehicle life cycle, the teams at Citroën work hard to keep automotive environmental impact to a minimum by monitoring consumption, CO2 emissions and pollutants, maintaining mindful use of natural resources, improving recyclability and more.

Citroën is committed to:

  • Thinking about environmental issues right from the design stage of its products and services
  • Implementing circular economy principles, including material recycling and reuse.


Eco-friendly design is about ensuring we make progress on sustainable mobility, going above and beyond compliance with the automotive industry’s environmental regulations. At Citroën, this is reflected in a large part of our research and innovation being dedicated to clean technology and green materials.


Citroën manufactures decarbonised vehicles using an industrial tool that can control the impact it has and respond to key environmental issues.


To encourage points of sale and repair shops to take steps towards better waste management, Citroën are setting up waste recycling and valuation initiatives.


Citroën is working hard to make its recycling process more efficient, by designing products which are sustainable right from the start. The aim of this is also to reduce the amount of waste produced during vehicle manufacturing, use, and recycling.