We preserve our heritage at the Conservatoire in Aulnay-sous-Bois, outside Paris. You'll find more than 400 beautifully preserved vehicles from throughout the years, a diverse array of artefacts and archives packed with historic information.


The world's biggest Citroën collection

The Citroën Conservatoire heritage centre is a real treasure trove of all things relating to our prestigious brand. It houses the world's largest collection of Citroën vehicles, with more than 400 on show - and most are in perfect condition.

Our extraordinary fleet is neatly lined up under the metal beams of the main building by decade (from 1919 to the 2000s) and by theme:

  • sport
  • adventure
  • LCVs
  • unusual vehicles 
  • concept cars and prototypes
Citroën Conservatoire  - The vehicle collection
Citroën Conservatoire  - Pre-war vehicles

Pre-war vehicles

The pre-war vehicles were part of the birth of the Citroën brand. The Conservatoire has many pre-war vehicles, from the Type A to the Traction Avant, via the B10, C4, C6 or Rosalie. Step back in time and discover the technologies and innovations that have always kept us one step ahead.

Citroën Conservatoire - Post-war vehicles

Post-war vehicles

The Conservatoire not only has the first models produced by André Citroën, it also houses lots of post-war vehicles. And some have earned a place in our collective memory: the quirky 2CV, the beautiful DS, the luxurious SM coupé, and rare versions of more recent vehicles.
Rediscover the models and innovative technologies that gave the Citroën brand international appeal.

Citroën Conservatoire - Commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles are also centre stage, and the Conservatoire houses several unique models. The collection includes the last example of the renowned Type H van, with its ribbed bodywork, built at the Aulnay-sous-Bois plant in 1981, marking the end of a career that began in 1947.

Citroën Conservatoire - Sport & Adventure

Sport and adventure

Sport and adventure are written into Citroën’s DNA, with the Croisière Jaune and Croisière Noire expeditions, the rally-raids, the World Rally Championship and – more recently – the brand's involvement in the World Touring Car Championship.

At the Conservatoire, you can step on board a C4 half-track, travel back in time with the 2CV Cross or start up a ZX from the 1992 Moscow-Beijing rally raid.

Citroën Conservatoire - Unusual vehicles

Unusual vehicles

The Citroën Conservatoire is also home to some especially unusual vehicles, either because of their history or their characteristics.

Here's a taster of what you could discover. Did you know that Citroën gave the chevron stamp to tyre wheels with the Type J? That in the 1970s the brand developed a two-seater helicopter? And do you know the story behind the special version of the DS with a built-in safe?

Packed archives

Almost one and a half kilometres devoted to our archives

Citroën Conservatoire - Documentary archives

The Citroën Conservatoire doesn't simply collect and restore vehicles. It also houses another treasure trove: our archives.

Step into an area usually closed to the public and browse this exceptional collection:

  • vehicle registers
  • sketches and plans from our design offices
  • posters and brochures
  • newsletters and magazines
  • press kits
  • technical documents
  • style drawings


Visit our historic archives

Citroën Archives - Citroën Heritage

Citroën heritage gives you access to documents and products relating to the models and history of one of the world's most collected atomative brands, including:

  • a collection of document files
  • an identification service for Citroën collection vehicles

Fascinating document files

Identification Service

Placing an Order

Fascinating document files

The document files hold authentic archive material that retraces the rich history of the Citroën brand.

From sales brochures to press articles and users' manuals, find the full range of archive documents in these exceptional collections.

Some document files are dedicated to legendary models like the Type A 10 HP and the Ami 6. Others are based on major topics related to the Citroën brand, such as the Croisière expeditions and the Javel plant.

Citroën Archives - Documentary files

Identification service

Citroën Archives - Vehicle approval certificate

Vehicle approval certificate

This certificate is an official copy of the data found in the vehicle's description. It's used to correct any mistakes on the car registration certificate, like vehicle type, fuel or weight.

This is a purely administrative document that doesn't involve searching for the
vehicle serial number.

Citroën Archives - Identification certificate

Identification certificate

This certificate lets you get a normal car registration certificate that you can use to export or import Citroën vehicles dating back to before 1990 and built in France.

This document involves searching for the serial number and will contain information on the car's origins and the date it was built.

Citroën Archives - Date certificate

Date certificate

With this document you can get a vintage car registration certificate for cars over 30 years old. To find this information, we search through the registers to establish production and marketing dates.

This certificate is a great source of historical information on your vehicle. It's useful for verifying the data needed for identification, like the number of the chassis, engine or body shell, or the number of seats.

The Citroën and Panhard Archives are stored at the Terre Blanche Archives Center allowing you to gain historical information about your heritage Citroën vehicle. The Identification Team can also provide official documents about your car (to register it or receive a birth certificate).

The following information is available:

  • Date of production
  • Version/trim level (DS Pallas, 2 CV Charleston etc…)
  • Confirmation if the car is matching numbers.

You can find more details and download the order form here or at

Please feel free to contact the Identification Team for more information at this email address: