Vantastic benefits of modularity for van users

If you look up the dictionary, modularity is the degree to which a system’s components may be separated and recombined. When you use the word in relation to vans, it can get a little more confusing. Let me try to demystify what contributes towards making a van much more user-friendly transport.

Take for example the all-new Citroën Dispatch vans, which went on sale recently. It offers customers a compelling and competitive product range with exceptional capabilities and efficiencies. It also looks very well with the latest brand identity and robust and modern design. 


Built on a brand-new vehicle platform (the base or under-pinnings of a vehicle), they benefit from all the advantages of the efficient 'Modular Platform 2 (EMP2)'. Citroën say that it exhibits compactness, weight reduction, versatility, as well as highest build quality. The new platform has a reinforced structure with special new front and rear axles. It supports a payload of up to 1,400 kg and can tow up to 2.5 tonnes.


The modular design is reflected in two wheelbases (2.92 m and 3.27 m) as well as two rear overhangs (0.80 m and 1.15 m). These can be combined to propose 3 lengths: XS at 4.60 m (a first in the segment) with the short wheelbase, and M at 4.95 m and XL at 5.30 m with the long wheelbase. This new platform presents the possibility of compact exterior dimensions while boasting load volumes of up to 6.6 m3.


That same compact design applies to the height of the new Dispatch. At just 1.90m, it is ideal for all situations and locations, including underground car parks in city centres, residence and shopping malls. This feature helps professionals save time and gain in efficiency as it enables them to get to their customers as quickly as possible.



However, just when you’ve learned that the new Citroën Dispatch is built on an impressive new modular platform, we discover this new van range also offers unrivalled modularity of the cab with what they call 'Moduwork'. 



What is this about? Well it is about making everyday life easier. For example in the new Citroën Dispatch van, the side passenger seat can be lifted up against the partition to provide extra space with a flat floor and the large flap in the partition, which extends the load length by 1.16m. This provides an expanded and very useful length of up to 4m. It is also accompanied by an anti-slippage net on the side of the driver's seat. The great flexibility of this additional load length capability is very useful for ladders, pluming pipes etc.


Moduwork also transforms the new Dispatch cabin into a true mobile office with the central arm rest lowering to provide a pivoting tablet with an elastic and adhesive strip to keep objects (such as PCs or tablets) in place. In addition, special supports for smartphones and tablets are available as accessories.


Credit: Padraic Deane (Automotive Publications)