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To mark its arrival on the Snapchat social media platform, Citroën is bringing users a new experience: the chance to take the wheel of the Citroën C3 WRC! Named ‘Snapdrive C3 WRC’, this sensation-packed initiative will be the Brand’s first story on its Snapchat account: ‘citroenofficial’. Snapshat users (‘Snappers’) have just 24 hours to take advantage of this opportunity on 2 March from 5pm.

Citroën pursues its digital offensive by opening its Snapchat account, the popular social media platform posting over one billion snaps from more than150 million users every day. Snapchat is a new form of communication featuring temporary content present for periods of between 1 and 10 seconds and up to 24 hours for ‘stories’. Available on AppleStore and Android, the app is ideal for capturing a new audience.

To mark its arrival on Snapchat, Citroën is giving social media users an opportunity to enjoy real rallying action with Snapdrive C3 WRC. Following two teasers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Citroën is at last about to reveal its first Snapchat story as part of its debut on this social media platform from 2 March from 5pm. To follow the Brand on Snapchat just scan the flashcode or add the username ‘citroenofficial’.

This ‘test drive’ invites Snappers to imagine that they are drivers on the track at Satory. The short videos making up this exclusive Snapchat story place the driver behind the wheel. Snappers will be able, for example, to experience skidding at speeds of up to 100 kph. These videos were made to reflect reality as closely as possible in order to create a truly sensational experience for these drivers for a day.

Whether to federate always more its communities with a massive presence on social networks (more than 13 millions fans) or to improve the customer experience, Citroën stands apart with innovative digital initiatives. The ‘Snapdrive C3 WRC’ operation fits perfectly into the Snapchat codes and the positioning of Citroën ‘Be Different, Feel Good’.