Citroën Ireland Welcomes JATO Report on European CO2 Averages

  • According to JATO, Citroën recorded an average vehicle CO2 in Europe of 106.4 g/km for 2019
  • This report calculated a volume weighted CO2 score for Europe’s top 20 marques to give a brand average
  • 80% of brands show increased CO2 emissions on 2018 figures with Citroën showing a decrease of 1.7g/km
  • Citroën expect a further reduction to CO2 in 2020 with the launch of the C5 Aircross PHEV
  • New EU regulations dictate that brands must reach a target of 95 g/km in 2020 or face heavy fines

March 10th, 2020:  JATO, a global automotive intelligence company, has today issued a report that highlights a European volume weighted average for CO2 by Automotive brand. The report focused on the top twenty bestselling brands in Europe and calculated a volume weighted CO2 score to provide a brand average. This report was eagerly anticipated as new EU regulations which come into effect this year dictate that brands must reach a target of 95 g/km in 2020 or face heavy fines. Despite the requirement for lower CO2 averages, 80% of manufactures showed an increase in their CO2 average on 2018 figures, with only four brands showcasing a reduction in their CO2 output. The result sees Citroën come second only to Toyota (97.5 g/km) who have a hybrid uptake of over 70% while Citroën achieved a second-place finish (106.4 g/km) without yet having an electric or hybrid vehicle on the market.



Commenting today on the report was Pat Ryan, Managing Director of Citroën Ireland “For the past number of years Citroën have been a top performer in this JATO report so the latest results come as no surprise to us. In Ireland, Citroën are currently the fastest growing mainstream passenger car brand and we have achieved this growth from efficient internal combustion engines.  In 2018, the average CO2 emissions in Ireland was 113.1g/ km and this has increased by 0.6g /km in 2019 to 113.7g/km. In contrast, Citroën have reduced emissions over the past 12months by 1.7g /km to 106.4 g/km and we look to further reduce our CO2 footprint with the introduction of our C5 Aircross PHEV later this year.”

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