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Citroën Model RangeCompliance With E10 Fuel
Citroën vehicles built from January 2000 onwards are fully compatible with the new E10 petrol being implemented in pumps across Ireland in 2023. This compatibility applies to both passenger cars* and vans.

The Irish government intends to switch from E5 to E10 petrol with a goal of reducing overall CO2 based vehicle emissions. The actions of the Irish government are to reduce emissions by 2030 in line with the Climate Action Plan 2023.

As mentioned by the Minister for Transport, "Measures such as moving to E10 petrol mean that we can reduce our emissions from transport further, mose us closer to reaching our climate targets."


What does this mean for Citroën owners?


Should you own a Citroën built within the last 21 years, the change in standard petrol from E5 to E10 will have no impact on the way you refuel your vehicle.


Should you be a customer of a vehicle built prior to January 2000, you are urged to continue using E5 Super Unleaded as an alternative.

Additionally, the EW10D (2.0 HPi) petrol engine Citroën C5 models manufactured between 2001 and 2003 should also continue using E5 Super Unleaded as an alternative.


Citroën remains committed to providing electric alternative solutions with every Citroën passenger car offering an electrified powertrain by 2025. The anticipated change from E5 grade Petrol to E10 Petrol in Irish refuelling stations do not affect Citroën’s full range of 100%-electric electric vehicles including New ë-C4, New ë-SpaceTourer MPV and New ë-Dispatch mid-size van. The changes do not impact our highly efficient Diesel BlueHDi models either.


If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team who will be happy to advise. You will find the contact details here.

We ask that you have your vehicle registration/VIN ready when contacting customer care.


For more information on the Citroën range, please click here.