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Vehicle Information

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Where can I get a brochure for the Citroën model(s) I'm interested in?

Range brochures for every model are available to download directly or can be ordered to be delivered to your door from our Request a Brochure page.

How do I arrange a test drive?

You can arrange a test drive by either contacting your local Citroën dealer directly, or visiting our 'Book a Test Drive' page online.

Where can I find vehicle prices on the website?

Model and option information can be found in our price lists which can be downloaded from our 'Request a Brochure' page.

Where can I find the technical specification for Citroën vehicles?

Technical specification for all our models is included in the brochures which are available to download from our 'Request a Brochure' page. You can also build a car to your own specification in our 'Configure your Vehicle' section.

I want to order a new Citroën - how long will it take to be delivered?

Our vehicle lead times can vary depending on the vehicle and model ordered and the stage of the production cycle at the time you place your order.
Contact your local Citroën dealer who will be able to give you the most up-to-date delivery times according to the specific model you're interested in.

How do I order a new Citroën?

Simply visit your local Citroën dealer who will guide you through the whole process of choosing your perfect car, including all options and extras as required. Your dealer will place your order and keep in touch with you to let you know when your new car is ready.

Do you make electric or hybrid cars?

The fully electric ë-C4 and C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid are part of our range. You can find out more about these vehicles in the 'New cars' section.

Where can I get accessories for my Citroën?

Citroën accessories can be ordered from any Citroën dealer and can also be fitted by your dealer for an additional cost if required. To browse the full range of Citroën accessories available to order from your dealer, visit our 'Request a Brochure'.

I need a new Owners Manual - how can I get one?

By contacting your local Citroën dealer or use the link below.

What should I do if I lose one of my car keys?

If you lose one of your car keys, or need a replacement or additional key for any reason, simply contact the Service department at your local Citroën dealer who will be able to order one for you. There is a charge for a new key, which varies depending on the model. Your dealer will be able to give you the cost when you contact them.

Where can I find a used Citroën?

Simply visit our Used Vehicle Locator and search your local dealers by price or model to find your perfect used Citroën.

Where can I find information on all your latest offers?

Under each model in our 'Offers' pages. You can also contact your local Citroën dealer directly.

Is my Mobile Phone's Bluetooth compatible with my vehicle?

In order to check your device's compatibilty follow the link below, select your car model, system and device version.You'll will be shown a full list of main features of your system and its compatibility with your device.