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Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision


For reinvented urban mobility

To make the city more fluid, more pleasant and more human, Citroën has come up with a creative response: a new model for open-source, collective and shared mobility, offering mobility for all. This is the promise of Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision.


Citroën, accor and jcdecaux together conceive the future of autonomous urban mobility for all

To put pleasure and service back at the heart of urban transport, Citroën, Accor and JCDecaux have formed a visionary collective: The Urban Collëctif. This association has given rise to a brand new mobility concept, illustrated by The Citroën Skate, a mobility technology platform, combined with 3 Pods offering 3 new and dedicated services: Sofitel En Voyage, Pullman Power Fitness and JCDecaux City Provider.


High-end and exclusive service

The Sofitel En Voyage Pod is an architectural parallelepiped of glass and inlay with an intimate atmosphere that is open to the outside.

A cosy and sophisticated space

The Sofitel En Voyage Pod can carry two to three people on board in exceptionally comfortable and serviced conditions. It works like a luxury valet. Guests can enjoy the unique Sofitel hotels' hospitality experience throughout their stay, both on site at the hotel and during their city trips: a sophisticated and "French style" transport experience.


A new way of exercising while on the move

The Pullman Power Fitness Pod offers a unique experience featuring a symbiosis of sport, music and light.

Deliberately futuristic atmosphere

The Pullman Power Fitness Pod has a striking glass bubble that is both dark and bright. A digital coach on the holographic screen means the occupant doesn’t lose focus while still being able to look out on the world outside, as well as making enquiries, getting information about their journey and being entertained during their cardio session. Exercising on the exercise bike or rowing machine also recharges the batteries in The Citroën Skate.


Service innovant de mobilité urbaine, accessible à tous

Prolongement des transports en commun traditionnels, le Pod JCDecaux City Provider est un abribus mobile qui révolutionne le transport collectif dans les centres urbains.

Timeless design offering comfort and space on board

The JCDecaux City Provider Pod has pure forms, a timeless and understated design offering comfort and space on board. Up to 5 people can travel in an open, welcoming and bright space providing excellent views of the city. Inside, passengers have grab bars to ensure safe travel and USB ports for charging all of their mobile devices. Two screens with interactive maps are provided, one facing outwards and the other inwards.


Onboard technology for improved city travel

The Citroën Skate is a mobility tool that is private or public depending on the associated services and can travel around all urban centres in dedicated lanes to generate fluid and optimised mobility. It incorporates all the intelligence and technology required for autonomous and electric driving: battery, electric motor, radar, lidars, etc. Active in a purely urban setting, its maximum speed is limited to 25 km/h.


Innovation for even more comfort

To provide unparalleled driving comfort during travel, as well as to accommodate the Pods comfortably and without jolts, The Citroën Skate is fitted with movable Hydraulic Cushions.

Citroën rhymes with comfort, whatever the type of vehicle.


With the goodyear signature

Goodyear has developed Eagle 360 wheels, omnidirectional, consisting of spherical tyres incorporating small electric motors. These innovative wheels give the robot total freedom of movement over 360°.


Moving towards infinite pods meeting a variety of uses

The open-source development of The Citroën Skate allows everyone to develop a compatible Pod if it complies with Citroën's technical interface specifications.

Thanks to the separation of The Citroën Skate which generates travel and the Pod, creativity can explode in terms of services, uses and individual or collective mobility. In addition to the Pods designed with Accor and JCDecaux, other possibilities are therefore endlessly possible.