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Citroën | Bord Bia Bloom


There's Comfort In Our Nature

Following a successful 2023, Citroën returned to Bord Bia Bloom Festival 2024 as the Official Motoring Partner alongside sponsoring a new show garden. 


Feelings of weightlessness and comfort are core to the concept of this new show garden, the "Citroën Floating Lounge" which provides a space to relax in peace and tranquility.


Reflecting the "Flying Carpet" feeling

The design centres around a platform, enclosed within planting and cocooned by a green wall, pergola and Corten steel fireplace, which appears to float over the garden.


This reflects the ‘Flying Carpet’ feel of Citroën’s patented suspension and echoes its ‘home from home’ approach to the comfort of its interiors.


Trickling water falling into the expansive pond provides a soothing background noise, while the mixed species planting and angular sculpture walls create a sense of depth to the space.


Three multi-stem trees add elegance, while a series of grasses such as Luzula nivea and Stipa tenuissima ‘Pony Tails’ create a relaxing whimsical feel. 


This is a garden that invites you to relax and unwind as you watch the stresses of life simply float away.

Air pollution
A biodiverse turf roof provides food and habitat for wildlife and positively contributes to air quality Water misters hidden within the pergola act as a ‘scrubber’ cleaning larger particles of diesel pollutants out of the air. Planting will be zoned by function; planting close to the 'street' chosen for its ability to absorb pollution and clean the air.
Noise pollution
Water features within the garden provide a relief from traffic noise. Waterspouts at differing heights create sound at varying frequencies helping to regularise noise from passing traffic. Plants within the garden are chosen for their sound absorbing qualities. 
Surface run-off
Capture and storage of rainfall means less run off into storm drains. As much of the garden as possible is planted, helping to slow the escape of run-off water whilst contributing to the oxygen in the atmosphere. Reclaimed materials are used within the ground surfaces, creating a hard-wearing surface, low in embodied carbon. A rain garden and pond at the lowest points store and clean excess water run-off and provide an attractive feature for people and wildlife.
Rainwater collection and storage
The garden demonstrates capture and storage of rainwater from typical downpipes and rain chains to 2 storage ponds. Water is transported to a rain garden along rills of differing heights.
Community spirit
Encouraging down time, neighbourly and community interaction, the garden includes seats from a 1950’s Citroën ‘2CV’ car which were designed to be light weight, removeable and usable for picnics.
The Citroën Power of One Show Garden Designer, Nicola Haines

Nicola studied architecture at the Bartlett School in London before completing Horticultural training with the RHS. She is a full and enthusiastic member of the Garden Landscape Design Association (GLDA). 2-time gold medal winner Bloom 2016 & Bloom 2018 as well as Best in category Bloom 2016, Nicola is passionate about design as a way to connect people to nature.


Nicola has a long and happy connection to Citroën having grown up with a Citroën ‘2CV’. She has happy memories of being driven around London by her parents to see the Christmas lights standing on the back seat with her sister, heads through the roof (it was the 80's!)




Embodies our commitment to affordability and an entry point into electric    

Citroën challenges the rulebook for European-designed and built B-segment cars with the reveal of the characterful fourth generation C3. The all-electric ë-C3 delivers best-in-class comfort, an easy electric experience, outstanding level of equipment and incredible value for money while being made in Europe. 


We are delighted to preview all-new ë-C3 at this years Bord Bia Bloom Festival with two displays over the course of the weekend. Drop by the Citroën Advanced Comfort Zone or visit our "Floating Lounge" show garden to see it up close!

Win a Rosalie Toy Car
Book a test drive with your local Citroën dealer for a model of your choice and be in with a  Citroën Rosalie Toy Car!
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Take a look back at the Citroën Floating Lounge Show Garden

Citroën win gold for the second year at a row at Bloom! The International judging panel awarded the garden Gold and Best in Class Medium Category. 


If you missed the garden and the Citroën Advanced Comfort Zone at Bord Bia Bloom, you can see our recap video below for more!