Citroën Services

To keep your Citroën running like new for longer, you’ll need to show it care and attention with regular maintenance.


We believe in offering hassle-free motoring and surprising value. We offer a range of servicing options, from the very best Scheduled Servicing, to Fixed Price Servicing  for cars over 3 years old.

When you get vehicle serviced in a Citroën Dealership, you have the reassurance that any repairs completed under warranty will be undertaken within our network of Authorised Repairers in the Republic of Ireland, using only genuine Citroën parts. You are guaranteed a quality repair and the preservation of your vehicle’s performance.


When your car is in a Citroën workshop, we’ll only carry out the work that you agreed. If anything additional is identified, we’ll call you to let you know and ask your permission before we start the work.


Whatever your vehicle needs, feel frre to get in touch or chat to the highly trained Service Team in your local Citroën Dealership.