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Citroën C3 is an immediately recognisable, trendy hatchback. With its unique shape and stand out design, you can travel anywhere in style. Watch these helpful tutorial videos to discover the design and useful features of Citroën C3.

  •                              Active Safety Brake
  •                              Blind Spot Monitoring
  •                              Personalisation 
  •                              Speed Limit Recognition and Recommendation
  •                              Mirror Screen
  •                                    Connect Nav
  •                                    Citroën Connect Box
  •                                    Airbump®
  •                                    Lane Departure Warning System


What are the personalisation options available for Citroën C3?

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Discover the Mirror Screen

How to use Citroën Connect Nav on your Touchscreen?

How does the Speed Limit Recognition and Recommendation work?

Discover the Active Safety Brake

How does the Blind Spot monitoring system work?

Lane Departure Warning System explained

How to use the Citroën Connect Box


The On-Board Documentation was designed to allow you to fully enjoy your Citroën C3 in every situation that life throws at you, in complete safety.
To familiarize yourself with your vehicle, make sure you take time to read through it carefully .
The contents of this manual present all the equipment variants available on the entire Citroën C3 range. Your vehicle uses some of the equipment described in this document, depending on its trim level, its version and the specific characteristics in your country.