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Thanks to its new modular platform, Citroën Dispatch is able to offer 2 sizes:

  • MWB (4.95 m)
  • LWB (5.30 m)


A city van

The LX version of the Citroën Dispatch was designed for professionals looking for agility and easy parking in the city thanks to its compact 4.95 m length and useful volume.

It comes with all the driving aids you need for daily driving in urban areas. Standing 1.9 m tall, it can access underground parking and all shopping centre car parks.


The van for versatility

Available in size M and XL, the Enterprise versions of Enterprise and Enterprise Plus are specially designed for professionals who have to make long journeys and lots of deliveries in urban and suburban areas.

For optimal driving comfort, the model includes extensive connectivity with the Citroën Connect Nav on a 7" touchscreen tablet.

To reduce risks on the road it also comes with a range of driving aids, including the Top Rear Vision reversing camera that provides a 180° view on Enterprise Plus.