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Cactus M

Crossover made for the beach

Style and adventure

The SUV looks of Cactus M, already suggested by the C4  Cactus, are underlined by its styling and specific features. The strong compact build of Cactus M is underlined by the 60° angle of the windscreen and its bold surround, which conveys a sense of strength.

Focused on the outside world

Cactus M has two elongated doors. The design of these one-piece in moulded plastic make them particularly easy to use while also reducing overall vehicle weight. These doors are designed like Airbump®.

Open air - no roof!

Inspired by the surfing spirit, Cactus M has no roof or front pillars. It is completely open to the outside. The wood panelling over the boot arch and on the windscreen surround brings to mind the way surfboard manufacturers customise their boards.

Extreme sports teammate

Designed for people who enjoy wide open spaces, Cactus M concept is the ideal partner for an adventure. Whatever the activity, the weather or the road conditions, everything is designed to ensure a relaxing ride for the occupants.


1 tent for 2!


Cactus M can be turned into a bivouac for two people, making it possible to extend the outdoor experience. Users can either sleep in the open or under cover, using the inflation function to turn the top into a freestanding tent.