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An ergonomic driving position
The generous, ergonomic dashboard on the Citroën BERLINGO MULTISPACE takes its inspiration from an SUV design. On board, you feel at ease straight away, with controls that are easily to hand, such as the dashboard-mounted gear lever.
Take advantage of the height-adjustable driver’s seat, the height adjustable steering wheel, and the comfy armrest for long journeys.

Onboard ambience
When you get behind the wheel of the Citroën BERLINGO MULTISPACE, the quality of finish and the user-friendly design of the cabin and trim are immediately apparent.
Several trim levels are available, so you can choose the interior ambience that makes you feel at home.

A highly modular design
The Citroën BERLINGO MULTISPACE features a 2/3-1/3 split-fold rear seat as standard. Depending on trim, it may also have three independent rear seats of identical size and with folding backrests. All sorts of combinations are possible: everything moves, everything can be changed, everything is possible. At the front, the backrest of the passenger seat can be folded to carry large objects.

The cabin is sufficiently spacious to accommodate passengers of all sizes, with head room of 1.02m at the front and elbow room of 1.48m.
Passengers at the rear gain a flat floor. Seats are 20 mm higher than at the front with head room of 0.99m and elbow room of 1.49m.
It also sets the standard for knee room, with 245 mm between the front seats and the knees of passengers at the rear.

To make life easier for users, the Citroën BERLINGO MULTISPACE features generous storage space including, a moveable central console between the front seats, a vast glovebox, two boxes at the feet of the rear passengers, and drawers under the driver’s seat. But the real innovation in ‘Créative Technologie’ is the Modutop®. Inspired by aircraft design, it combines a glazed roof, multiple storage compartments, and a dual-access boot together with individual ventilation and lighting controls to bring enhanced comfort and even a little magic into the lives of passengers at the rear, particularly children. The rear compartment integrated with the Modutop® can be accessed through the opening rear window from the outside, for easier loading.

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