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Citroën Dispatch

The Citroën Dispatch LCV feels and drives like a car, with a great driving position and excellent comfort combined with a functional, practical use of space.

Key points

  • Effective length of up to 2.58m, effective height of 1.75m, capacity of 7mᶟ and payload of 1,200kg
  • Among the best in its class for low fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions
  • Wide sliding side doors to load/unload Euro pallets
  • Back swing doors opening to 180°
  • The Connecting Box for a more relaxed, enjoyable drive: Bluetooth® system and USB socket
  • A new six-speed automatic gearbox for greater driveability
  • Grip Control for optimum traction in all conditions

Expressive and elegant styling

The stylish Citroën Dispatch van (known as the Citroën Jumpy in Europe) has an attractive front end with a wide chrome-finish grille reaching up to the headlamps. The Citroën Dispatch looks dynamic and robust, with clean, fluid styling. The sides have wide rubbing strips that are really helpful if there's an accident.


Customise your Dispatch van


We know all Citroën Dispatch drivers want something different from their vans, so the Dispatch is available in a wide choice of body styles and sizes, including:

  • two lengths and two heights
  • a carrying capacity of up to 1200kg
  • a load sill that's between 562-604mm high with the optional back pneumatic suspension, which also keeps the vehicle between 491-500mm high - ideal for using city car parks

Made-to-measure efficiency

Easy loading


Loading's really easy because of the:

  • wide twin sliding side doors so you can load pallets even from the side
  • large rear doors that open to 180°

Specific conversions


Your Citroën Dispatch is extremely versatile, no matter what you need it for. Order yours as a crew van version, with a choice of two lengths, or a platform cab for options like refrigeration or pick-up.

Cruise control with speed limiter

Enjoy a relaxed drive with your LCV's cruise control and speed limiter function:

  • Cruise control keeps the vehicle at a set speed without you having to push the accelerator
  • The speed limiter keeps the vehicle within the speed you choose

Virtuous performance


All of the Citroën Dispatch's engines give you excellent performance and a great drive. You can also choose to fit your Dispatch with options that reduce its environmental footprint, like:

  • aerodynamic screens under the body
  • a volt control, which optimises the way the alternator charges the battery, significantly reducing fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions
Citroën Dispatch
From €14,530 ?