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Citroën Berlingo

The Citroën Berlingo is a spacious, versatile LCV with modern lines, robust design and dynamic styling.


Key points

  • Can carry two Euro pallets, with an effective volume of up to 4.1mᶟ and length of up to 3.25m
  • Asymmetric back swing doors opening to 80°
  • Wide sliding side doors
  • Three seats at the front with the EXTENSO® cabin, setting the standard in its segment
  • Among the best in class for low fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions (118g/km)
  • Grip Control for great traction in all conditions
  • Hill Start Assist function for safer driving

Excellent loading volume

Your Citroën Berlingo has a maximum loading volume of 4.1mᶟ, with space for two Euro pallets.
The intelligent design of vehicle access makes loading both safe and easy, with the wide sliding side doors and 60/40 asymmetric rear doors opening to 180°.


Unlimited adaptability

Stylish wood trim


You can choose to finish your Citroën Berlingo with a full wood trim on the floor, wheel arches and side protection.

Three-seater EXTENSO® cabin


For extra practicality and comfort, choose your Berlingo van with a three-seater EXTENSO® cabin with folding passenger seats so you can carry loads up to 3m long.

Extendable loading


Your Citroën Berlingo van has a handy place for all your tools and everything you need to carry. It comes with a roof flap or bulkheads with an opening section.

Wide range of body styles


The Citroën Berlingo van comes in two different lengths, L1 (up to 3.7mᶟ) and L2 (up to 4.1mᶟ).
You can also choose between:

  • a platform cab, ready for any type of bodywork conversion
  • a five-seater crew van that can easily be turned back into a conventional van - simply fold away the back seat in one fluid movement

Driving aids to suit your needs

Grip Control Electronic Stability Control is an advanced anti-skid system that adapts to circumstances to improve traction no matter what. Use the selector to choose one of the four driving modes to suit current driving conditions (normal, all-terrain, snow or sand).

Hill Start Assist (combined with ESC) holds your vehicle steady for two seconds when you take your foot off the brake on a slope with a gradient of at least 5%. This gives you time to move your foot from the brake to the accelerator.

The speed limiter gives you a more relaxed drive, keeping your van within the speed limit you choose. 

The e-HDi 90 Airdream ETG6 gearbox

Greater respect for the environment


The e-HDi 90 Airdream ETG6 engine with micro-hybrid technology combines fuel efficiency with really low CO₂ emissions of 118g/km.

A more ergonomic cabin


There's no gear lever, which gives enough space for a third seat. You can choose your driving modes using a knob on the dashobard, or use the handy steering wheel controls. 

Citroën Berlingo
From €10,375 ?