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With CITROËN's Saloon range, enjoy first-class travel on day-to-day drives and long-distance journeys. Timeless, sculptural body styling, sophisticated interiors, advanced technology and driving pleasure... Welcome to the elegance and refinement of the CITROËN Saloon range, strong on driving pleasure and uncompromising on safety.




The CITROËN C4 possesses unique body styling, well-balanced proportions and details that make all the difference, including a ribbed bonnet, black rear spoiler and sleek light units. The assertive and well-established model will appeal to style aficionados and driving pleasure seekers. The CITROËN C4 cabin was designed to bring you unique comfort with its modern and uncluttered central console, 7" tablet, supportive and comfortable seats, and steering wheel-mounted controls. Welcome to all the comfort of a CITROËN high-end saloon. L’habitacle de CITROËN C4 est pensé pour vous offrir une expérience de confort unique avec sa façade centrale, moderne et épurée, sa tablette tactile 7'', le maintien et le confort de ses sièges, les commandes au volant... Découvrez tout le confort de la Berline haut de gamme par CITROËN.