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DS 5

DS 5 is a hybrid car with huge appeal. With its stunning looks, creative technology and exceptional road handling, this car is uniquely crafted to be an exciting and impressive drive.

Key points

  • A bold, striking design
  • Compact yet spacious
  • Hybrid4 technology
  • A captivating light signature
  • Elegant in every detail
  • Premium materials and exclusive styling
  • Technology designed for comfort and relaxation

Aerodynamic styling

DS 5 is an original and striking hybrid car, with a fluid, streamlined silhouette that showcases its exceptional driveability.


Its captivating LED light signature, distinctive chrome sabre and stylish rear wing all complement its dynamic design.

Inspired by the C-SportLounge

  • DS 5 was inspired by a bold concept car: our C-SportLounge. 
  • The original build of C-SportLounge, which combines a streamlined silhouette, a graceful profile and a spacious interior, was an immediate hit when it was unveiled at the the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show.
  • This car symbolises freedom and blends a great drive with space and comfort.

Elegant details


Every detail of DS 5 is built with impressive quality and style, and you can choose from eight bold exterior colours. DS 5 diesel hybrid is very distinctive with its:

  • chrome trim, on the side strips, twin exhaust pipe and sabre
  • gloss black décor, on the front and back strips, and the window seals
  • large, diamond-tipped alloy wheels

A refined interior

We've used all our know-how to design your DS 5 with exceptional quality and refinement. You'll benefit from an immaculate finish and premium materials:

  • Nappa leather
  • Semi-Aniline leather

Your DS 5 is finished to perfection with the sophisticated watch-strap design of the seats, a hallmark of the DS line.


The sound of silence


Great lighting plays an important role in the atmosphere of your DS 5. Just press the 'start' button to bring the inside to life - the transparent panel of the display will light up, along with the three digital dials and the needle in the control cluster.

Enjoy the peaceful quiet of the serene atmosphere:

  • All sounds are soft and easy on the ear.
  • The soundproofing and noise absorption devices are all positioned close to the sources of the noise.

Inspired by aerospace

The driving position


The driving position in the DS 5 is designed along the same lines as an airplane cockpit. You'll love the:

  • wrap around dash 
  • vertical steering wheel with a wider plane
  • driver-oriented information
  • large central console
  • small gear lever

The cockpit roof


DS 5's distinctive interior is also based on the aerospace industry, and complements its modern exterior. The cockpit-style roof is made up of three light wells (0.58m2 of glazed surface) that you can individually open and close to enjoy the light you want, by day or by night.

Enjoy comfort and performance

Compact dimensions and space

Boot and storage

Sound system


eMyWay navigation

The clever design of DS 5 means there's no compromise between driveability and comfort. Measuring 4.53m in length (25cm less than the Citroën C5 Saloon), 1.87m in width and 1.54m in height, DS 5 is both compact and elegant.

These compact dimensions mean:

  • the car is nippier and more responsive 
  • your fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions are reduced

The compact size of the DS 5 doesn't stop you enjoying all the facilities and features you need. Your DS 5 has:

  • a roomy 465-litre VDA boot
  • a 13-litre central console, with jack and USB ports to connect mobile appliances at the top, and a refrigerated and lit compartment at the bottom that's big enough for a 1.5-litre bottle
  • an upper console in the roof of the cockpit with two compartments for glasses

For incredible sound quality, choose the Denon Hi-Fi system, with 10 speakers and a digital amplifier. And everyone in your DS 5 will love the premium sound quality of the CD RDS MP3 six-speaker system.


No more bored passengers while you're driving your DS 5.
You can choose to fit your DS 5 with the Citroën WiFi On Board system so everyone can use the internet wherever you are.


The DS 5 can be fitted with the latest-generation eMyWay integrated satnav system, which features:

  • a seven-inch, high-resolution screen
  • an internal memory used to store the map data
  • a speed limit warning
  • audio Bluetooth® streaming to listen to music stored on a mobile phone

First-class road handling

You'll find your DS 5 comfortable and dynamic to drive. Your car reads the road beautifully so you stay in complete control, with smooth road handling and effective suspension.

The powerful, precise steering responds gradually and promptly, but isn't overly sensitive, especially when you're driving straight - yet another reason why you'll love driving this diesel hybrid car.


Top-grade safety equipment


DS 5 comes as standard with high-quality safety systems:

  • Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and Emergency Braking Assistance
  • ABS and ESP, for improved control in even the trickiest situations

You'll also benefit from our exclusive intelligent traction control system. This gives you a safer drive on slippery surfaces and helps to keep your DS 5 moving in snow, black ice or rain.

State-of-the-art technology

Your DS 5 uses state-of-the-art technology to give you brilliant comfort, top-class safety and an enjoyable drive.

Click on the pictures below for more information on how they work and what they can do for you.

e-HDi micro-hybrid technology

Not only are e-HDi engines great to drive with, they also respect the environment. e-HDi micro-hybrid technology converts the kinetic energy produced when you decelerate into electricity to cut fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions.

Intelligent Traction Control

Get better grip and less wheelspin on slippier surfaces for a safer and easier journey. Our Intelligent Traction Control System works with ESP to give you excellent control, even in the trickiest conditions.

Reversing camera

Manoeuvre in complete safety with the reversing camera combined with the eMyWay navigation system. The reversing camera sends a colour image to the navigation screen.

Automatic illumination of headlights

With its built-in mini camera, the headlights on DS 5 are automatically switched on and off to suit the light and driving conditions.

Front fog lights with cornering function

When cornering at low speeds (up to 25mph), the fog lights with static cornering lighting give you an extra beam of light that increases visibility on the inside of the corner or junction by up to 75° on the left or the right of your car.

Colour Head-Up display

An innovative colour display projects essential driving information onto a transparent panel in your direct line of vision.

Citroën eTouch Emergency and Assitance System

Citroën eTouch Emergency and Assistance System is a secure system, available 24x7, that uses an integrated SIM card and gives you: - local emergency and help calls - a virtual maintenance manual - the Eco Driving service

Lane Departure Warning System

Stay safe when you're feeling drowsy with DS 5's highly responsive second-generation lane departure warning system. If you slip over the road line, a camera will spot it and you'll feel a warning vibration in your seat.

Keyless Access & Start

The hands-free access and starter system in your DS 5 recognises you as you approach your car. Simply touch the handle to open the door, and the LED lights will gradually light up the inside of the car.

Hybrid4 technology

Full hybrid Diesel

Multimode drive

200 bhp and 85g of CO2/km

Our first full hybrid drivetrain combines the performance of an HDi diesel engine with the quality of an electric motor. You'll get:

  • low CO₂ emissions (85g/km)
  • a choice of four drive modes
  • dynamic roadholding with a total combined power of 200 EC hp, four-wheel drive, electric urban drive and accelerator boost function

Choose one of four drive modes from the central console - Auto, Sport, 4WD and ZEV:

  • The Auto mode keeps fuel consumption low. 
  • The Sport mode improves acceleration and the electric boost function makes for more dynamic gear shifts.
  • Choose the full-electric ZEV (zero emission vehicle) mode when the battery is charged and you're not going faster than 37 mph.
  • 4WD (four-wheel drive) mode is perfect for driving on slippery surfaces.

DS 5 combines respect for the environment (85g/km of CO₂) with strong performance, with overall power of up to 200 bhp.

The hybrid technology is a true breakthrough in fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions. In city driving, you'll use between 30% and 35% less fuel than an equivalent diesel engine. On the open road, you'll use between 10% and 15% less.

DS 5
From €33,195.00 ?

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