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DS 4

DS 4 combines dynamic styling and a compact size with five-door practicality. It handles beautifully and is cleverly designed for a top-class driving experience.


Key points

  • A unique silhouette
  • An exclusive light signature
  • Exceptionally refined
  • Personalised interior
  • e-HDi micro-hybrid technology
  • Advanced technology for your comfort
  • Premium materials with exclusive style

A unique shape

The slightly raised height, discreet back doors, flowing lines and unique shape of DS 4 combine to make an eye-catching and elegant car.

Citroën DS4 - A unique silhouette

DS 4 benefits from beautifully balanced lines and distinctive details for a dynamic, striking look.

A refined interior

Citroën DS4 - Interior architecture

The inside of DS 4 is as refined and elegant as the exterior. Every feature and type of material has been carefully chosen with quality firmly in mind.

Citroën DS4 - Passenger compartment

Every inch of the interior exudes luxury. You'll see it in the premium materials, the sophisticated graphics, the harmonic shapes and colours and the customisation possibilities.

Citroën DS4 - Chrome and leather

This is a car that you'll love to drive. Everything is thoughtfully placed and designed to tempt you to take to the wheel - from the chrome gear lever to the full-grain leather of the seats and the classic watch-strap design. 

Amazingly versatile

Compact dimensions and space




Measuring 4275mm in length, 1810mm in width and 1523mm in height, the DS 4 is a handily compact car. But it combines its neat size with versatility and practicality, with three proper seats in the back, discreet back doors, a large boot and plenty of storage spaces.

Citroën DS4 - Compact dimensions and space

Easily access the back seats through the hidden back doors that blend perfectly with DS 4's dynamic style. Thanks to this, the front doors are also smaller and lighter, making it easy to access the front too.

Citroën DS4 - Accessibility

Every last detail of DS 4 is practical and versatile. For example, the boot measures more than 379 litres, similar to a conventional saloon.

Citroën DS4 - The boot

DS 4 is full of handy storage spaces and clever features to make your life easier. For chilled drinks and food on the go, you'll love the central console's refrigerated and lit compartment that can hold up to four 500ml bottles.
If you want to connect or charge your devices as you drive, the central console also holds ports for a jack, a USB connector and a 12V power outlet.

Citroën DS4 - Storage

Total comfort

Visibility and light

Citroën DS4 - Visibility and light

Enjoy incredible visibility and improved safety with DS 4's panoramic windscreen and slightly raised height. Light pours in, highlighting the stunning interior. For a mellower atmosphere, you and your front passenger can use your individual rigid blinds and folding sun shields at any time.

Acoustic comfort

Citroën DS4 - Acoustic comfort

Enjoy driving your DS 4 in perfect peace and quiet, thanks to the:

  • sound-proofing film in the windscreen
  • absorbers in the engine compartment
  • sealing barriers on the bodyshell and the doors

The soundproofing devices and engine, wind and road noise absorbers are placed as close to the sources of the noise as possible, to give you an exceptionally quiet, relaxing drive.

Top-class road handling

DS 4 handles the road with exceptional agility and stability. With suspension configured for a sporty drive, this car is built for a top-class driving experience.

Citroën DS4 - Top-class road manners

Top-grade safety equipment

Citroën DS4 - Top-grade safety equipment

DS 4 comes as standard with high-quality safety systems:

  • Electronic Brakeforce Distribution and Emergency Braking Assistance
  • ABS and ESP, for improved control in even the trickiest situations

You'll also benefit from our exclusive and intelligent traction control system. This gives you a safer drive on slippery surfaces and helps to keep your DS 4 moving in snow, black ice or rain.

Everyday driving pleasure

Travel in first-class style in DS 4, with its range of features specially designed for your comfort.

Massaging seats

Citroën DS4 - Massaging seats

Enjoy a touch of luxury from DS 4's massaging front seats with electric lumbar adjustment.

Premium sound system

Citroën  DS4 - Sound system

Everyone in the DS 4 benefits from excellent sound quality, thanks to the sound system's audio processing software.

Personalised surroundings

Citroën DS4 - Personalised ambience

Feel perfectly comfortable in your DS 4. You can choose between numerous made-to-measure sounds for warning and information messages, a number of different air conditioning flow settings and colours ranging from white to blue for the control cluster.

Cruise control and speed limiter

Citroën  DS4 - Cruise control/speed limiter

Your DS 4 is fitted with a programmable cruise control and speed limiter, so you can choose the speed settings you want for your trip, and enjoy a relaxed, easy journey.

A relaxing drive

Static cornering lighting

Citroën DS4 - Static cornering lighting

Clever lighting systems give you better visibility when you need it, for example when you're changing direction or manoeuvring in car parks. The static cornering lighting lights up a larger angle of the inside of corners when you're driving at low speeds.

Blind spot monitoring system

Citroën DS4 - Blind spot monitoring system

Drive with confidence with our blind spot monitoring system, which significantly improves safety, especially on urban motorways. It shows pictograms in the door mirrors to warn you about unseen vehicles in your blind spots.

e-HDi micro hybrid technology

e-HDi micro-hybrid technology features second-generation Stop & Start, which helps keep your fuel costs and eco-footprint down. Whenever you stop, the engine automatically stops, and immediately restarts in just 0.4 seconds when you move off.

This technology protects the environment by converting the kinetic energy produced when you decelerate into electric energy. Your fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions will be reduced by up to 15% in urban driving.

Citroën DS4 - e-HDi micro-hybrid technology
DS 4
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