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Citroen Elect 3 PCP Finance

Elect 3 PCP

Read more about how Citroen Elect 3 PCP that lets you get a new Citroën car every three years, paid for in monthly instalments.

If you want a new Citroën car every two or three years with monthly payments structured to suit your budget, Elect 3 is for you.

WHY ELECT 3?Elect 3 is a Personal Contract Plan (PCP) from Citroën Financial Services designed to give you a new car experience as often as possible. We can structure monthly payments to suit your budget, and they'll often be lower than other types of vehicle finance as you only pay a part of the vehicle price over the term of the agreement

Because it's so flexible, Elect 3 is suited to drivers with a range of different requirements. Whether you're after lower monthly repayments and the security of Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV), or the pleasure of driving a brand new Citroën every three years, we can prepare the perfect package for you.

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